Social Care Data Forum Invite – 3 December

Social Care Data Forum – Thursday 3rd December 9:00 – 11:00 AM

As we all know data can be a barrier for people accessing care and support across the world.

For decades now, people have been telling us that they wished we could simply share information between professionals. With the right technology, this is possible.

We would like to take this a stage further, moving to a world of citizen held data where an has control of data held about them and they can choose which information they share and with whom.

This is the third and final Social Care Data Forum event hosted by Scottish Care to bring together interested parties to explore how this might work in practice, with a view to establishing a collaboration to embark on a proof of concept. Taffy Gatawa, Chief Information and Compliance Officer at Everylife technologies will be talking us through the pros and cons of data standards across health and social care.

We will also be exploring a vision for data in social care and funding opportunities to get things off the ground so please come prepared with any leads you are aware of.

Attendees include: software developers, MyDex CIC, care providers, statutory organisations, regulators, people who access care and support, academics and Scottish Government and digital thinktanks such as the Data Lab and the Digital Health Institute.

We hope you can join us for this event.

The forum is open to new members. If you would like to get involved or know more, please contact [email protected].

Social Care Data Forum 1

Social Care Data Forum 1

Lexleyton webinar: Mental wellbeing and managing homeworkers during the pandemic

Lexleyton is hosting a webinar on mental wellbeing and managing homeworkers during the pandemic on Thursday 3rd December at 11am – 12noon.

This year more than ever, mental health challenges in the workplace have no hiding place, especially with a shift in working culture and many people working from home. Emotional resilience of workers, particularly certain groups such as parents and young workers has been severely tested.

Please join this webinar, where Ashleigh Halpin of Imperium HR & Mindfulness and  Musab Hemsi ,Partner – Employment Law,will be in conversation on this topic, kindly hosted by the good people at Subsea UK.

For more details and registration, please click here.

Flu Vaccine Leaflet for Social Care

Influenza is a highly infectious disease that occurs every year, usually in the winter.  Symptoms can come on very quickly and include fever, chills, headache, aches and pains in the joints and muscles, and extreme tiredness.

Infected health and social care workers can spread flu to people receiving care and colleagues even if they have very mild symptoms or have no symptoms at all.

The flu vaccine provides the best protection available against the virus.

  • The vaccines are given in the autumn ideally before flu starts circulating.
  • The vaccine contains no live viruses, so it can’t give you flu.
  • You have to be immunised every year because the virus changes constantly and your immunity reduces over time.
  • Influenza is a different virus from Covid-19.

The best way for social care staff to avoid flu is to get a flu jab as part of this programme.

We encourage staff to take up this opportunity.  It’s quick, safe and free.

Find out more on the NHS Inform website:


Link to leaflet:

Request for care consultancy in Scotland

We have received a request from Fulcrum Care, a  care consultancy in England, who is keen to work with an associate consultancy in Scotland to complement their offering. They have had some enquiries for Scotland and would be grateful to work with a Scottish care consultancy to enhance their knowledge and skillset.

You can in find out more about Fulcrum Care here.

If anybody has a care consultancy in mind, please contact us at [email protected] and we will pass on that information.

Citation Webinar – 26 November

Important webinar for care providers – employee wellbeing and engagement

After such a challenging year for the care sector, it’s never been more important to focus on your staff. Whether their stresses and strains stem from in or out of work, it’s easy to overlook those struggling in silence.

That’s why Scottish Care Preferred Supplier, Citation, is hosting a webinar on Thursday 26 November at 2 PM, which we strongly encourage members to join.

The hour-long session will offer practical top tips on how to proactively support your employees’ wellbeing. This includes the importance of developing strong foundations in HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety, to create an environment in which your people will feel safe, happy and supported.


The session will be interactive and there will be an opportunity to ask their experts questions throughout, including a dedicated Q & A.

Some of the key discussion points will include:

  • Starting with the basics, including handbooks, policies, and contracts;
  • The fundamentals of employee engagement and why it’s particularly important for the care sector;
  • The three main motivators for your staff, including a positive working environment;
  • Practical tips and solutions for supporting your staff’s wellbeing, including communication, getting help from others, and training, learning and development.

Places are first come, first serve, so please reserve your place today to avoid missing out.

Once you have registered using the above link, please click here for further details for helpful tips on how to join on the day.

Please note that this webinar is open to all care providers and this session is hosted through Cisco Webex instead of Zoom.

Flexible Workforce Development Fund

The Flexible Workforce Development Fund (FWDF) will now be offered to both levy payers and SMEs, across the private, public and third sectors. This will allow employers to utilise funding for upskilling and reskilling their workforce.  An initial £13 million was made available to allow colleges to provider additional support for levy paying employers. Now the second £7million phase has been announced, with £5million available to support SMEs through a college and Open University in Scotland partnership, while Skills Development Scotland will offer a new option testing the use of private training providers for levy paying businesses who require specialist training. Applications are expected to open on 16th November.

More information is available here:

Scottish Care Legal Survey

Scottish Care members with legal questions – we want to hear from you!

What are your biggest legal issues? What is affecting your business at this difficult time? How can we help?

Our recently formed Legal Resources Select initiative, which includes five of the very best law firms in Scotland chosen for their experience and understanding of the social care sector, wants to hear from you and give you their input and legal advice! All you have to do is answer this very short survey which will take you less than 5 minutes!

We will gather all your feedback and share with the Scottish Care Legal Select group. They will bring their best and brightest specialists on the areas that YOU HAVE HIGHLIGHTED to an upcoming Legal Webinar Panel happening mid-December (exact information on the date for this webinar coming soon!).  Each of the five law firms will have a specialist to speak to your concerns based on the results of this survey.  They will also answer your legal questions in real time in the webinar so make sure to fill out the survey and come on the day.

More details coming soon but first WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK!!! As a reminder, the goal of the Scottish Care Legal Select initiative is to offer a broad range of legal services to all of you and this is your time to tell us – and them – what you need support with. They will provide the answers!

For more information on the Scottish Care Legal Resources Select Group please go to our website: 

Survey deadline: Friday 27 November