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Interested in becoming a Scottish Care member?  Welcome!

For those of you thinking our organisation might be right for you, we thought the easiest way to showcase the many benefits of joining Scottish Care would be to share them with you here!

Already a member?

If you are already a member, feel free to remind yourselves of all the resources available that made you join in the first place, or go directly to our Members Only section of the Scottish Care website – which as you know, is one of the most valuable elements of your membership.

Why become a member?

Joining Scottish Care means you become part of a network of nearly 350 organisations – almost 900 individual services – delivering residential care, nursing care, day care, care at home and housing support services across Scotland.  You join an organisation that truly understands the invaluable work you undertake every day. An organisation that will strongly and passionately represent you at the national level, and which will also provide you with the resources and support you need to build strong, sustainable businesses on a local level in your community.

Our mission at Scottish Care is to advocate for you, the independent providers of social care services in Scotland today.  There are so many benefits available to you as a member but perhaps one of the most important ones is power in partnership.  By joining our organisation, you will connect and meet like-minded individuals and organisations who truly understand what it takes to live and breathe and work and play in the social care sector today, and who all have the same goal – to help shape the environment in which care services can deliver and develop the high-quality care that people and communities deserve.

So what are you waiting for?  Join us today.

For more information or to speak with Swaran and Stefanie your Membership Support Team, just reach out to them directly at [email protected] or call them:

Swaran Rakhra

Membership Support Manager

07887 421108

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Stefanie Callaghan

Membership Support Manager

07908 674440

Membership Testimonials

“Abbotsford Care is a member of Scottish Care. It is important to work together to ensure our voice is heard in the challenging climate we are presented with. The network and connection of members and the support given by the Scottish Care team is vital to us as we continue to navigate our way in these unprecedented times. Together our voice is stronger, and as a leader of a Care Organisation, it is important for my wellbeing to be surrounded by those who listen and understand the difficulties we face on a daily basis reaching out regularly to provide unwavering support.”

– Alyson Vale, Business and Operations Director of Abbotsford Care (Glenrothes) Ltd