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A Scottish voice for care providers, their workforce and people who access care and support

Scottish Care is a membership organisation and the representative body for independent social care services in Scotland.

Scottish Care represents over 400 organisations, which totals almost 900 individual services, delivering residential care, nursing care, day care, care at home and housing support services.

Our membership covers private,  not for profit and charitable  provider organisations.  It includes organisations of varying types and sizes, amongst them single providers, small and medium sized groups, national providers and voluntary organisations and associations.

Our members deliver a wide range of registered services for older people and those with long term conditions, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, dementia or mental health problems.

The Scottish independent social care sector contributes to:

  • The employment of over 103,000 people, which is more than half of the total social services workforce, including approximately 5,000 nurses
  • The provision of 88% of care home places for older people
  • The delivery of over 55% of home care hours for older people

Our vision is to shape the environment in which care services can deliver and develop the high quality care that communities require and deserve.

Our core strategy is to create the strongest possible alliance and collective voice to protect and promote the interests of all independent care sector providers in Scotland, and those who access independent sector care services.

Scottish Care is committed to supporting a quality orientated, independent sector that offers real choice and value for money. Our aim is to create an environment in which care providers can continue to deliver and develop the high quality care that communities require and deserve.

Our objectives are:

  • To develop a positive partnership with key stakeholders
  • To support  members in key areas of business and professional activity
  • To effectively lobby, negotiate and represent the sector
  • To ensure providers’ ability to develop and deliver quality care services

We are keen that the value of high quality independent care services is understood by commissioners, key partners, people who use services and their families. Providers need to be seen as real partners, respected, treated fairly and be contributing to the strategic direction of integrated social and health care services.

We are clear that care services must be fairly funded and public care service funding sustained at a level which meets the true cost of providing a safe and quality service for all. The public care sector workforce must also have access to appropriate support, training and a fair wage.