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Getting it Right Project

The Getting it Right project explored the application of a human rights based approach, consistent with the statutory principles within the SDS Act, in the operational delivery of older people’s care and support.

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Tell Someone

These videos and documents introduce you to the Adult Support & Protection Act (Scotland) 2007. It is legislation introduced to protect adults from being harmed.

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Technology and Digital Resources

Technology has an increasingly important role to our lives and in social care. Scottish Care have been developing technology related reports and resources which are available for access here.

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Care About Rights

In 2010 in partnership with Scottish Care, the Care Inspectorate and Age Scotland, the Scottish Human Rights Commission has developed training and awareness raising resources relating to the care and support of older people.

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Directed by North Merchiston

Directed by North Merchiston is a series of five short films, made in collaboration with residents at North Merchiston Care Home – the latest of these features Margaret Henderson.

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Reports and Publications

Scottish Care is committed to undertaking robust quantitative and qualitative research in order to highlight the key issues facing the independent care sector.

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