Collisdene Care Centre’s Rosie Brennan Conquers 60-Mile Cycling Challenge

In a heartwarming display of generosity and determination, Rosie Brennan, Activity Coordinator at Collisdene Care Centre, embarked on an extraordinary 60-mile cycling adventure around the captivating island of Arran. The journey, marked by a challenging ascent of 3236 feet, unfolded over a span of 5 hours. Rosie, accompanied by her camera-shy husband Craig who captured her journey, faced a forecast of adverse weather conditions, braving the cold, wind, and rain, with gusts forecasted to reach up to 37 mph.

Originally scheduled for Friday 20 October, the event faced an unforeseen delay due to a red weather warning. Undeterred by this setback, Rosie rescheduled and commenced her journey on Saturday 21 October, taking the ferry from Ardrossan to Brodick in Arran. Despite the unfavorable conditions, Rosie maintained a positive outlook, driven by her unwavering dedication to infuse the spirit of Christmas into the lives of the residents at Collisdene.

This remarkable journey, extending beyond personal achievement, unfolded as a selfless endeavour to create a magical Christmas experience for the residents. Rosie set a fundraising goal of £1000, but her efforts surpassed expectations, securing an incredible total of £1505.

The residents at Collisdene, filled with pride for Rosie’s remarkable achievement, expressed their admiration by creating beautiful posters to welcome her back to the home. This story encapsulates resilience, generosity, and community spirit, truly exemplifying the core values of the holiday season. Congratulations to Rosie on this outstanding accomplishment and we hope the residents at Collisdene has a truly magical Christmas!

Cycle Challenge Fundraiser – Let’s create a magical Christmas for Collisdene residents

In a heart-warming display of generosity and determination, Rosie Brennan, Activity Coordinator from Collisdene Care Centre is gearing up for an extraordinary feat. With just 9 days remaining, she is preparing to embark on a 60-mile cycling adventure around the picturesque island of Arran.

This remarkable journey isn’t merely a personal achievement but a selfless endeavour to bring the spirit of Christmas alive for the residents at Collisdene. Their goal? To create a magical Christmas filled with enchanting adventures and delightful events for their residents.

In a bid to raise funds for this noble cause, Rosie the spirited cyclist, has a Just Giving page. The response has been nothing short of awe-inspiring, with donations pouring in from compassionate souls who want to be a part of this heartening initiative. As of now, Rosie has reached a significant milestone, collecting a staggering £555, marking the halfway point toward the target of £1000.

This story of resilience, generosity, and community spirit not only warms the heart but also exemplifies the true meaning of the holiday season. Collisdene residents and supporters are encouraged to share in this uplifting news, spreading the word far and wide to make this Christmas a truly magical experience for everyone at the care centre.

To contribute to this wonderful cause and be a part of the magic, please visit Rosie’s Just Giving page and help bring the joy of Christmas to Collisdene:

Collisdene Residents Fundraise for Alzheimer’s Day

Collisdene Care Centre Residents Illuminate Alzheimer’s Day with High Tea Fundraiser

On September 21st 2023, the community at Collisdene Care Centre beamed with pride as its residents showcased their culinary talents by crafting delightful High Tea boxes in honour of Alzheimer’s Day—a cause deeply cherished by all.

Toni, a resident  at Collisdene, couldn’t contain her delight, declaring it the “best.” Sean, another resident, concurred with a simple yet heartfelt “love it.” Fellow resident, Emma, emphasised the joy of giving back.

With the invaluable support of the local Sainsbury’s store and the dedicated staff, these exquisite High Tea boxes found their way onto store to be sold captivating eager shoppers.

The day itself was nothing short of spectacular, with residents and staff exuding excitement, pride, and happiness as they rallied for this meaningful cause. Their collective efforts resulted in an astonishing £642 raised for the Alzheimer’s society a testament to the remarkable teamwork and dedication of everyone involved.

But the spirit of generosity doesn’t stop here. Collaborative plans are already underway with the Alzheimer’s Society for a special presentation featuring Collisdene Care Centre residents. This heartwarming event not only raised funds but also created lasting memories and strengthened the bonds of this close-knit community.

Find out more on Collisdene’s newsletters here and here.

Collisdene Residents Set Sail

Collisdene Residents Set Sail for a Day of Tranquil Canal Adventure

In a day filled with excitement and picturesque scenery, the residents of Collisdene Care Centre took to the waters under the guidance of a skilled skipper for a delightful canal journey, organised by Collisdene’s very own Activity Coordinator, Rosie Brennan.

The Seagull Trust at Kirkintilloch played host to this extraordinary day of sailing, where residents basked in the sunshine, perched on the deck, enjoying a cuppa, and exchanging friendly waves with passers-by. As they meandered along the tranquil canals, their hitlist included sightings of herons, swans, ducks, and the vibrant water lilies – and the canal delivered them all in abundance.

It was an idyllic day, offering a perfect escape for relaxation and the simple joy of basking in the warm sun. Every resident cherished this wonderful day, made even more special by the incredible crew from the Seagull Trust at Kirkintilloch. Their warm welcome and unwavering support made the canal voyage a memorable experience.

A heartfelt thank you goes out from each and every one at Collisdene to the fantastic team at the Seagull Trust for making this day an unforgettable adventure on the water.

Celebrating Achievements at Collisdene Care Centre

We are thrilled to share some exciting news from Collisdene Care Centre, where remarkable achievements have been taking place under the guidance of international champion Stephanie Mackenzie.

Stephanie, who secured an impressive 3rd place in the World Championships in 2017, is not only the National Coach for Tae Kwon-Do but also the Taekwondo coach at Collisdene Care Centre. Her dedication and expertise have made a significant impact on the lives of their residents.

Behind the scenes, Rosie Brennan, the Activity Coordinator at Collisdene, deserves special recognition for her vision and tireless efforts. Rosie was the driving force behind bringing Taekwondo to residents, recognising the physical and mental benefits it could offer. Her commitment to enriching the lives of our residents is truly commendable.

Stephanie will be jetting off to Finland to coach the National Squad for the 2023 Tae Kwon-Do Championship. Her commitment to the sport is truly commendable.

A memorable moment occurred on August 22nd, 2023, as 10 residents and one staff member achieved their goal and received their yellow belts, proudly presented by Stephanie herself. Joining in on the celebration were Provost Margaret Cooper, MP Dr. Lisa Cameron, and Abigail and Reece Stirling, both accomplished black belts who work closely with Stephanie and are set to compete in the Taekwondo championships in Finland.

The presentation ceremony, held at Collisdene Care Centre, brought tears of joy to families and staff members as they cheered on the residents during the board-breaking portion of their grading. Both the Provost and MP enthusiastically participated, earning the admiration of everyone present.

The spirit of celebration doesn’t stop here; MP Dr. Lisa Cameron is taking these accomplishments to Parliament with a motion to recognise the fantastic work being done at Collisdene. Everyone is so excited to share their achievements on a national platform.

In June 2023, six residents achieved their SQA Level 2 in Modern Languages – French, a fantastic feat made possible with the support of Lingo Flamingo’s Judith and Rosi. The entire Collisdene community is bursting with pride over these accomplishments.

Collisdene residents are truly fortunate to have such dedicated and talented individuals like Stephanie Mackenzie, Abigail, Reece Stirling, Judith, and Rosi, who are helping them reach their full potential and achieve remarkable goals. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Rosie Brennan for her unwavering dedication and vision in bringing these opportunities to Collisdene’s residents.

Collisdene Care Centre – Graduation Ball

Residents Celebrate French Language Graduation

Six residents of Collisdene Care Centre graduated from their SQA Level 2 French class on Thursday 29 June 2023. The residents had been studying French for the 12 weeks, and they were all excited to celebrate their achievement.

The residents were all dressed up in their finest clothes, and they enjoyed a delicious meal and dancing. The provost of South Lanarkshire – Provost Margaret Cooper presented the certificates to each resident, along with the local councillor – Elisa Herd.

The graduating residents also received letters from Dr Lisa Cameron MP to congratulate them on their achievement.

The residents were all very proud of their accomplishment, and they thanked their teacher, Judith, for her help and support. Judith is part of Lingo Flamingo, a language learning company that specialises in teaching different languages to adults. She is passionate about helping people learn new languages, and she is dedicated to providing her students with the best possible learning experience.

The graduation ball was a wonderful celebration of the residents’ hard work and achievement. It was a night to remember, and it is sure to be a cherished memory for years to come.

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Collisdene Care Centre – Sponsored Bike Ride

Sponsored Bike Ride a Success!

The sponsored bike ride for residents of Collisdene Care Centre was a huge success! Most of the residents had never experienced a bike before, but they all loved it. They all absolutely loved the bikes and we found it difficult to get the residents off as they had so much fun!

The bike ride was at Strathclyde Park. and all proceeds will go towards supporting the residents of Collisdene. They are all so grateful for support of all the sponsors and to all of the volunteers who helped to make the bike ride possible.

The bike ride was a great way for the residents to get some exercise and fresh air. It was also a lot of fun, and it gave them a chance to experience something new.

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Collisdene Care Centre – Speed Boat Trip a Hit with Residents

We are excited to share a heartwarming experience that brought smiles and joy to Collisdene Care Centre’s residents’ faces. Recently, the team at Collisdene organised an exhilarating speed boat trip, giving residents a chance to fulfill a long-held dream.

For many of the residents, it was their first time on a speed boat, and the excitement was palpable. As they raced across the water, their expressions of pure delight were truly priceless. Laughter filled the air as they urged the enthusiastic captain to go even faster!

We are touched by the happiness this outing brought to the residents. Moments like these remind us of the importance of creating meaningful experiences that make lasting memories. You can see pictures from the trip which capture these beautiful moments in the newsletter below.

Stay tuned for more heartwarming updates and wonderful adventures ahead!

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