Collisdene Care Centre’s Rosie Brennan Conquers 60-Mile Cycling Challenge

In a heartwarming display of generosity and determination, Rosie Brennan, Activity Coordinator at Collisdene Care Centre, embarked on an extraordinary 60-mile cycling adventure around the captivating island of Arran. The journey, marked by a challenging ascent of 3236 feet, unfolded over a span of 5 hours. Rosie, accompanied by her camera-shy husband Craig who captured her journey, faced a forecast of adverse weather conditions, braving the cold, wind, and rain, with gusts forecasted to reach up to 37 mph.

Originally scheduled for Friday 20 October, the event faced an unforeseen delay due to a red weather warning. Undeterred by this setback, Rosie rescheduled and commenced her journey on Saturday 21 October, taking the ferry from Ardrossan to Brodick in Arran. Despite the unfavorable conditions, Rosie maintained a positive outlook, driven by her unwavering dedication to infuse the spirit of Christmas into the lives of the residents at Collisdene.

This remarkable journey, extending beyond personal achievement, unfolded as a selfless endeavour to create a magical Christmas experience for the residents. Rosie set a fundraising goal of £1000, but her efforts surpassed expectations, securing an incredible total of £1505.

The residents at Collisdene, filled with pride for Rosie’s remarkable achievement, expressed their admiration by creating beautiful posters to welcome her back to the home. This story encapsulates resilience, generosity, and community spirit, truly exemplifying the core values of the holiday season. Congratulations to Rosie on this outstanding accomplishment and we hope the residents at Collisdene has a truly magical Christmas!

Last Updated on 13th November 2023 by Shanice