Collisdene Residents Fundraise for Alzheimer’s Day

Collisdene Care Centre Residents Illuminate Alzheimer’s Day with High Tea Fundraiser

On September 21st 2023, the community at Collisdene Care Centre beamed with pride as its residents showcased their culinary talents by crafting delightful High Tea boxes in honour of Alzheimer’s Day—a cause deeply cherished by all.

Toni, a resident  at Collisdene, couldn’t contain her delight, declaring it the “best.” Sean, another resident, concurred with a simple yet heartfelt “love it.” Fellow resident, Emma, emphasised the joy of giving back.

With the invaluable support of the local Sainsbury’s store and the dedicated staff, these exquisite High Tea boxes found their way onto store to be sold captivating eager shoppers.

The day itself was nothing short of spectacular, with residents and staff exuding excitement, pride, and happiness as they rallied for this meaningful cause. Their collective efforts resulted in an astonishing £642 raised for the Alzheimer’s society a testament to the remarkable teamwork and dedication of everyone involved.

But the spirit of generosity doesn’t stop here. Collaborative plans are already underway with the Alzheimer’s Society for a special presentation featuring Collisdene Care Centre residents. This heartwarming event not only raised funds but also created lasting memories and strengthened the bonds of this close-knit community.

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Last Updated on 11th October 2023 by Shanice