Collisdene Residents Set Sail

Collisdene Residents Set Sail for a Day of Tranquil Canal Adventure

In a day filled with excitement and picturesque scenery, the residents of Collisdene Care Centre took to the waters under the guidance of a skilled skipper for a delightful canal journey, organised by Collisdene’s very own Activity Coordinator, Rosie Brennan.

The Seagull Trust at Kirkintilloch played host to this extraordinary day of sailing, where residents basked in the sunshine, perched on the deck, enjoying a cuppa, and exchanging friendly waves with passers-by. As they meandered along the tranquil canals, their hitlist included sightings of herons, swans, ducks, and the vibrant water lilies – and the canal delivered them all in abundance.

It was an idyllic day, offering a perfect escape for relaxation and the simple joy of basking in the warm sun. Every resident cherished this wonderful day, made even more special by the incredible crew from the Seagull Trust at Kirkintilloch. Their warm welcome and unwavering support made the canal voyage a memorable experience.

A heartfelt thank you goes out from each and every one at Collisdene to the fantastic team at the Seagull Trust for making this day an unforgettable adventure on the water.

Last Updated on 26th September 2023 by Shanice