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Alliance is delighted to be able to assist the Scottish Care sector at this time of national uncertainty which has given rise to real challenges in the supply and demand of many key items – particularly in terms of PPE and hygiene.

As a national company with excellent relationships with the leading UK and international providers, the Alliance Procurement team has been working tirelessly over the last 6 weeks to source supplies of PPE and sanitisers in sizeable quantities. To achieve this we have employed a variety of initiatives such as joint ventures with partners suppliers and direct sourcing from overseas where no other options were available.

At all steps in the procurement process we have carried out due diligence to ensure that the products meet with the current guidelines and quality standards.

Such is the global shortage of PPE and other key lines that we have had, in many instances, to pay in advance for stocks of the items we are sourcing. Given the extreme market volatility and urgent requirement to provide the correct protective equipment quickly, we have had no alternative in order to secure the stocks our customers need.  In the interests of transparency it should be noted that as stocks have become scarce due to global demand, and certain products have had to be airfreighted, prices have risen. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this as we are subject to the forces of global supply and demand. 

We currently have stocks of many of the PPE and sanitisation items required and have more on the way. Please be aware, however, that due to the current unpredictable demand things can and do change extremely quickly, and your Alliance contact is best placed to advise on options.

Please be assured that we are here to do our utmost to provide our customers, existing and new, with the right products at fair market pricing as quickly as possible.

Contact details

Orders / enquiries to our customer support team   [email protected]

Office phone no  0141 771 2900

Product questions contact Yvonne Latta  07384 216514   or [email protected]

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