Edge Protect -providing infection & hygiene control in care homes

We would like to share some information from Edge Protect, which may be useful to our care home members.

Please see below to find out what Edge Protect do.

At Edge Protect we specialise in providing care homes throughout the UK all of the equipment and solution to manage infection and hygiene control in-house without the requirement to rely on hiring expensive external cleaners. Councils around the country are advising care homes to invest in their own fogging decontamination equipment during recent CQC inspections, with the cost of such equipment being claimed back by the relevant funding available. Owning your own fogging equipment allows you to maintain the highest sanitising standards with a quick and simple daily process whilst at the same time ensuring you have the necessary tools to eradicate an outbreak quickly in the event of a positive test. Using a fogging machine along with our unique TriGuard solution ensures maximum lasting protection within the home without the use of any harmful or hazardous chemicals making it safe on all fixtures, surfaces and soft furnishings.

Current offer codes for Scottish Care Members:

  1. SCOTCARE20 – £20 off a small fogging bundle
  2. SCOTCARE30 – £30 of a medium fogging bundle

Website: https://www.edge-protect.co.uk

Email: [email protected]

Call: 0117 2141109


Skardon is a nominated supplier to New York State, having worked with Gov Cuomo’s office in New York recently and now working with the British Government to provide PPE to NHS and the social care sector.  In addition, we have all the necessary licences’ and registrations to export swifty from China, along with all the proper export documentation and rights that adhere to the strict laws and regulations put forth by the Chinese Government this past April 10th – which has essentially shut down all brokers and non-qualified manufacturers.  

Our core products we produce are: 3-ply disposable masks, KN95 medical masks (FFP2 and FFP3), surgical gowns and protective coveralls.  

Our facility adheres to strict quality and production standards that follow Chinese government regulations. In addition, our products are now certified for: European Conformity, VIS, CE, and FDA certifications. Our current production capacity is 3,000,000 units of 3-ply disposable face masks and 500,000 units of KN95 masks per day. In addition, our medical garment facilities have a production capacity of 100,000 AAMI Level 3 surgical gowns and 50,000 medical coveralls a day. Due to the heavy demand for these essential products – we will also be ramping up production to have higher outputs in the coming weeks. 

Contact details

Alexander Pover, Chief Executive Officer

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +44 (0) 7886 119 120

Website: www.skardonrisk.com

Medical Products Overview (U04-26-20)

NYS Dept of Health Nominated Vendor Letter