Social Care Campaign

About the campaign

Scottish Care worked with members to produce the ‘Social Care Campaign’. This campaign aims to raise the profile of social care in Scotland, across care homes and homecare. We hope to use the campaign as a positive vehicle for sharing good practice, information and evidencing the sector’s value.

Social care is often undervalued and unheralded. The success of the health system is largely dependent on the sustainability of the social care sector. This sector allows people to return home from the hospital to receive the care and support that they need – relieving pressures on the health system and stopping unnecessary admission. Social care allows people to live independent and fulfilling lives.

Today, we are seeing a crisis in social care like nothing we have seen before – with workforce shortages, the rising cost of living and other problems which make it increasingly challenging for sustainability.

Everyone will rely on social care at some point in their lives, we want to see action taken to tackle the social care crisis.

Now is the time to #careaboutcare. We need your help to get involved in this campaign and #shinealight on the social care sector.

#shinealight #careaboutcare

How can I get involved in the campaign?

We will be holding a lobby day on in January, more details to follow.

Write to your local MSP using our letter template to encourage them to take action on the social care crisis, meet with you to discuss the challenges faced by the sector, or to take part in our upcoming Lobby Day!

Click here to download our letter template.

You can find contact details of your local MSP on

Show your support for the Social Care Campaign by signing our pledge!

You can also download the pledge graphic so you can display this on your communication channels. Download here.

Please send us your organisation logos here for us to display in our Supporters Gallery.

Social Care Campaign Support Pledge
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Please share a short story to add to our Supporters Gallery below about why you support this campaign, what you find positive about social care or what needs changed in the sector.

This could be written (300 words max) or a video or audio clip (2 minute max).

You can send it to us here. Or fill out the form below.

Social Care Campaign Supporter Stories
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Maximum upload size: 516MB

Find out more about the campaign and access some infographics on the care home and homecare sector that you can share. This toolkit also provides hints and tips in to using social media channels and writing letters to MSPs.

Download the Care Home toolkit here.

Download the Care at Home toolkit here.

Share your stories on social media using the hashtags #careaboutcare and #shinealight and we will re-share from the Scottish Care account. We are looking for stories from:

  • Providers
  • Frontline workers
  • Care home residents
  • Homecare service users
  • Family and friends of those who use social care
  • Partners
  • General public

Access our social media graphic template on Canva here.

Access our graphic frame on Canva here.

Click here for the instructions to use the Canva template here.