Local Government elections ‘Agenda for Care’ manifesto published

A detailed manifesto outlining the needs of the nation’s ageing population has been issued in advance of the local elections in May.

The ten point ‘Agenda for Care’ document has been published by Dr Donald Macaskill, Chief Executive of Scottish Care, who represent independent social care services.

He has called for a raft of improvements and commitments including:

  • fairer allocation of resources for the care of older people
  • protection of the social care budget from austerity cuts
  • a valuing of the social care sector and its importance in the same way that the NHS is valued
  • a concerted effort to encourage people to work in the care sector
  • meaningful involvement of services, individuals, families and communities in the planning of local care provision
  • removing the inequality between what Local Authorities pay for the services they deliver directly and those they outsource
  • more balanced media coverage of the care sector
  • support for innovation and the development of new models of care
  • better informed political comment and debate

Dr Macaskill said: “We are facing the prospect of an ageing population with increasingly complex needs and, at the same time, we have reached a crisis point in relation to the recruitment, retention and valuing of care staff as well as significant issues in relation to the funding and sustainability of care services.

“What’s more there are very real issues of ageism in how we view, value and fund older people’s care, compared with other care groups.”

Dr Macaskill said older people’s care is a matter of significant national and local importance for all parties and stakeholders in Scotland.

He said: “That’s why in the run up to the Local Elections in Scotland, we are seeking to engage the parties and candidates at a national and local level on their commitment to care.”

“The changing landscape of health and social care present an opportunity to really get it right for older people, if brave decisions are taken by local councillors and national politicians.

“If real changes are not made in how we value and resource social care, the inevitable result is that more people will end up entering hospitals and remaining there for too long without choice or control over where and how their care is delivered and at huge cost to the public purse.”


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