Digital assets and information on wellbeing support available for staff

Please see below for letter from Ray de Souza (National Adviser, Workforce Wellbeing Leadership, Culture and Wellbeing, Health Workforce Directorate, Scottish Government) with new posters promoting the national wellbeing support provision, notably the National Wellbeing Hub and the National Helpline, for all Health and Social Care staff. 


Chief Executives, NHS Boards
Chief Officers, Health and Social Care Partnerships
Heads / Directors of Communication, NHS Boards
For information:
Primary Care Leads
Community Pharmacy Scotland
Dear Chief Executives and Chief Officers
Please find attached digital assets for new posters promoting the national wellbeing support provision, notably the National Wellbeing Hub and the National Helpline, for all Health and Social Services / Social Care staff. 
It is important that this material is distributed and displayed across all health and social care setting as soon as possible.   
I would appreciate your cooperation in ensuring that the posters are printed (in A2 size – the optimum, or at least in A3) and distributed without delay to all services and departments within your organisations, and that they are displayed prominently in all staff areas. The aim of the posters is to inform staff, whatever their role and wherever they work, of the support that is available to them at a national level, over and above that which is provided locally by their organisation.    
NHS Board’s Heads / Directors of Communication have expressed a preference to receive this material in digital format and to distribute it in line with usual arrangements. It is expected that Health and Social Care Partnerships will do the same. However, whatever the distribution process, please ensure that hard copies of the posters are printed and sent to all primary care services (GP Practices, Community Pharmacies, Dental and Optometry practices) as feedback suggests that not all have appropriate printing facilities. 
Alternatively I have indicated to the Heads/Directors Communications that Scottish Government would be prepared to produce and distribute appropriately packaged printed copies (A2 and A3 sizes) of the posters directly to all health and social care services if that would be preferable. If you wish to take up this option, please submit the following information by email to Scot Hall [email protected] by 17.00 hrs on 29 February:
  • The number of posters / poster versions required for each location, and
  • The name and postal addressed of each of the services /practices to whom they should be delivered.  
The posters have been produced with various images to provide options and/or appeal to staff in various settings. There are also a couple of ‘empty belly’ posters so that your organisation can insert information on local wellbeing services if you so choose.
Our primary objective through this and related promotional initiatives is to work with you and your Wellbeing Champion to ensure that staff are aware of the support available and to proactively encourage them to access it at an early stage. 
Thank you, once again, for your ongoing cooperation. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I or my colleagues can assist further.
Kind regards,

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