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Programme analysis

The experiences and data captured across the online engagement sessions and surveys will be analysed thematically by clustering and synthesising the insights.  This will involve both rapid synthesis and in-depth analysis to identify immediate priorities and share emerging insights related to each theme.  The findings will support learning for the immediate and ongoing pandemic response whilst also shaping the development of future scenarios for further exploration in phase two.

Anticipated outcomes and outputs

Critical reflection: key insights around the learnings from the experience of COVID-19 for each thematic area, including immediate priorities (windows of opportunity).

Critical evaluation: key insights on enablers of change and innovation and resulting implications for practice, planning and reform processes.

Creative modelling: preferable future scenarios for the independent care sector related to themes and contexts (care homes and care at home).

Roadmap: now, near, next pathway to guide the future, highlighting priority areas for practice, policy, research with supporting actions, outcomes and people required to enable implementation.

Emerging insights

Care Future Emerging Insights - Technology

Phase two

The second phase of the programme began in Autumn 2020. Based on the emerging insights in phase one, we developed an engagement process to explore the future of social care through eight thematic areas. During this phase we supported critical reflection and evaluation to create a landscape for future change towards a flourishing social care in Scotland.  This involved enabling wider dialogue to identify key actions, people and infrastructure required to achieve sustainable change.

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