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You are warmly invited to a range of Scottish Care workshops, as part of our ‘Ethical Commissioning for the Independent Sector’ series.

Ethical Commissioning for the Independent Sector – Rights

Aberdeen –  Monday 11 March 2024

Our first workshop kicked off with an exploration of how commissioning procedures under a National Care Service can empower service users to express their informed wishes, through the lens of the following ethical commissioning principles:

    • Human-rights approaches
    • Full involvement of people with lived experience
    • Person-led care

Attendees, consisting of stakeholders from local government, third sector, and independent care home and care at home services, examined the requirements of a shared human rights framework.

Discussions raised the inconsistency in standards of rights-based care across services and localities, and the key role of multidisciplinary assessment, leveraging cost savings across siloed budgets, and the removal of competitive tendering, as key means to advance human-rights based, person-led care.

Scottish Care thanks attendees for their invaluable contributions on the day.

Please see below for the day’s presentations.

PowerPoint Presentation – Ethical Commissioning for the Independent Sector – Rights.

PowerPoint Presentation – Commissioning Academy 


Ethical Commissioning for the Independent Sector – A Rural Perspective

Inverness – Wednesday 27 March 2024

How can ethical commissioning support the unique care needs of rural communities?

As part of a roundtable and Q & A session, we heard from expert local stakeholders from NHS Highland and Scottish Care, on:

    • Barriers and levels to care delivery within rural and island communities
    • Cases of good commissioning practice across the locality
    • Ways to support the ongoing participation of rural/highland communities within the NCS/commissioning discussion

The event recording will be made available in due course.


Ethical Commissioning for the Independent Sector – Respect

Edinburgh – Friday 19 April 2024

Expert stakeholders from commissioning agencies and a range of care providers gathered to explore best practice when commissioning co-produced social care, predicated on a culture of mutual respect.

Key discussions involved empowering the independent care workforce to deliver high quality care through training and upskilling opportunities across a range of specialist skills and a rate that focuses on meeting fair working practices.

This included a focus on the following ethical commissioning principles:

    • Fair Working Practices
    • High Quality Care

Thank you to all attendees for your invaluable contributions. Please see the day’s presentations below:

PowerPoint Presentation – Ethical Commissioning for the Independent Sector: Respect

PowerPoint Presentation – Scottish Care Workforce Matters Update


Ethical Commissioning for the Independent Sector – Redistribution

Glasgow –  Wednesday 31 July 2024 – 10am – 4pm

Our final major workshop will explore the necessary redistribution of power and resources across the social care sector, to effectively implement ethical commissioning.

Given rising demand and falling resource, how can independent providers be supported to maintain their provision of commissioned care across their communities?

Join us to learn from, and share your experiences with, expert stakeholders involved in the commissioning of care services across Scotland, focusing on the following ethical commissioning principles:

    • Financial transparency, sustainable pricing and commercial viability
    • Climate change and the circular economy
    • Shared Accountability

Tickets for this event are free of charge through Eventbrite, and will include a complimentary lunch, alongside teas/coffees and other snacks.

Do inform us if you have any dietary and/or other requirements.