Winter Vaccination Programme for Social Care Staff

The winter vaccination programme for social care staff is now live.

Social care staff of all ages who have a direct hands-on care role are eligible to receive a COVID-19 and flu vaccine this year. Appointment booking is open for frontline staff.

Frontline social care workers in the following settings are eligible for both vaccines:

  • residential care for children who are clinically vulnerable
  • community care for persons at home (including housing support, care at home services and personal assistants)
  • care homes/residential care settings for adults/older adults.

All staff working in any function (including catering staff, office staff etc) in care homes for older adults are also eligible for both vaccines.

The vaccine programme is targeted at those delivering direct care in these settings, whether employed by local authorities, private or third sector employers.

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Last Updated on 15th September 2022 by Shanice