Welcome to Home Care Day!

Wednesday 25 October sees Scottish Care, our members and partners celebrate the crucial role of home care services.

Throughout today we hope to celebrate and raise awareness of Scotland’s care at home and housing support services – the individuals who access this support, those who work in the community and the opportunities home care services offer to enhance lives and improve wellbeing for a wide range of people and to support people to live well in their own homes.

We’ll be celebrating different elements of home care life each hour:

  • 9am – Good Care
  • 10am – Prevention
  • 11am – Extraordinary Lives
  • 12pm – Vision
  • 1pm – Workforce
  • 2pm – Commissioning
  • 3pm – Palliative and End of Life Care
  • 4pm – Politics & Policy
  • 7pm - SDS & Human Rights
  • Plus more activity into the evening.

This day is an opportunity to share good news stories and promote the positive things that services and their local communities are doing.

Please do join in with us in celebrating Home Care Day - you can tweet using the hashtag #homecare17 or send your good news stories to [email protected]

You can follow all the action from today at: https://www.scottishcare.org/home-care-day/

The page will be updated each hour with new content.

Happy Home Care Day 2017!

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