Rights Made Real – Using a Visual Inquiry Tool

Visual inquiry tool to explore and develop understanding

Using images has been helping staff express what human rights means to them in their own language. The visual inquiry tool created by My Home Life can help to build connection between people, as they share in real and meaningful ways, while staying safe and only sharing what they feel comfortable with. Other benefits to using this method are that the images can evoke ideas, thoughts and feelings that the person participating was previously unaware of themselves. For example, one person selected the image to the right and explained:



We only see the top, we don’t see what is hidden.

This tree has its own shape, it is allowed to grow as it needs to, also it is sheltering the birds, there is protection.



Feedback from staff on using the visual inquiry tool

  • "If we were asked the question outright we would talk about the theory – this helps us go to a deeper level and use our imaginations."
  • "It would be good for reviews – at the moment we tend to talk around rather than with – reviews are focussed on what is keeping someone alive rather than what matters and what helps them to feel alive."
  • "Useful to use at the beginning and end of the project to gauge people’s attitudes and feelings around a subject."
  • "I’ve changed my mind about using images, I thought I didn’t like it and found it hard but it helped me go with my gut reaction."

If you would like more information on the use of images in practice please click on the link below.

Visual Inquiry Tool link

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