Update on EU Exit Briefing

Scottish Care has updated the EU Exit Briefing that was first released in February of this year. This briefing serves as a guidance for social care providers to prepare for any adverse impacts that could result from the UK leaving the EU, whether if it is a Deal or No Deal Exit. This document details simple steps that social care providers can take to ensure that necessary preparation is undertaken to meet their obligations and responsibilities.

We strongly encourage social care providers to use this briefing as a guide for preparation. Please have a look through further down this webpage.

PrepareforBrexit.scot is offering financial support in the form of a grant of £2-4k to SMEs to help build business resilience.

To date it has been used on things like scenario planning, professional services to support the impact of Brexit, Human Resource issues and training.

More information and details on eligibility and how to apply can be found below:


Updated EU Exit Briefing -compressed