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The Transforming Nursing Workforce project is funded and supported by the Scottish Government. It has enabled Scottish Care to appoint a Transforming Workforce Lead who is Dr Jane Douglas.

The main aim of the project and role is to promote the awareness of Social Care Nursing and showcase it as a positive career choice. The project will also seek to make sure that evidence gathered from the independent sector workforce research will positively influence the development of social care workforce policy and practice especially as it relates to nursing and integrated care.  All this will support providers to recruit and retain a compassionate, qualified workforce.

The project is based around principles of promoting collaboration with all stakeholders and key partners in order to develop and promote the conditions, space and support for people to learn in care homes and care at home organisations. This will enable providers to build nursing and care workforce capacity and leadership.

The project works at a strategic level with all nursing groups across Scotland in order to represent the independent care sector and to ensure all changes within the Transforming Nursing and Future Nurse programme are considerate of and influenced by the needs and practice of the independent care sector.  Updates on all ongoing work will be provided on this page, as well as work completed to ensure that nurses and providers are fully informed of all nursing related issues.


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