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This page is intended to hold all relevant training links for the social care workforce to assist our members with understanding the training and qualification requirements for the workforce and to provide easy access links to guidance and training resources.

Resources on training for staff deployment

SSSC Core Learning Guidance for redeployed workers, temporary workers and volunteers.

SSSC National Occupational Standards Navigator, this link takes you to a tool that will assist with deciding what qualification units are most appropriate for staff within your particular care setting.

Social care workforce wellbeing resources

The Scottish Government have created a wellbeing hub for all social care workers to access free resources, advice and information to support workers with their mental and physical wellbeing.

SSSC has developed a resource for workforce support and wellbeing. 

Scottish Care Preferred Suppliers

Below are some useful downloads from our Preferred Supplier – Citation – who specialises in HR and Health & Safety that may be helpful for Scottish Care members.

Qintil is a easy to use web-based software that gives you thousands of on-demand courses, learning management and compliance monitoring.

SureCert is a digital platform that is focused on digitising the recruitment process, maximising both trust and efficiency for both candidate and recruiter.

General resources for the social care sector

Links to Workforce Matters Learning & Development page with general resources for the social care sector.

Latest news

The Complete Guide to Insomnia – and How You Can Manage It

The Complete Guide to Insomnia – and How You Can Manage It.

Flexible Workforce Development Fund

New funding announcement for upskilling and reskilling workforce,

HSC Futures Moving & Handing (Objects & People) Training

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HSC Futures – Short Duration Training SVQ’s

HSC Futures would like to re-assure clients that there are various options available to continue with training during social distancing including delivery via skype and webinar.