‘Time to Talk’ – Covid-19 Listening Service

‘Time to Talk’

COVID 19 Listening Service available for relatives and residents in care homes

An Edinburgh – Glasgow project of EIFA https://www.edinburghinterfaith.com/

Good day,

I am writing to you on behalf of EIFA – Edinburgh Interfaith Organisation (a multifaith organisation which seeks to enable understanding and mutual respect within communities). The Scottish government has provided seed money to launch a service that will seek to be supportive to care home residents and their families during this time of Covid-19. As we all know, these unprecedented times have hit the care home sector especially hard, with families often unable to visit their loved ones living in care homes.

We will offer a seven day a week (11am – 7pm) opportunity for care home residents and their family members to be listened to by volunteers via the telephone. The volunteers will be vetted for their experience and training as listeners. We hope that care home residents (who are able) and their family members will gain some solace and peace from this and that it will be a support for staff who are under pressure.  Additionally, as this service is being offered through a multi-faith organisation, callers wishing to speak directly to someone of their faith will be connected through our service. It is important to note that although EIFA is a multi-faith-based organisation,all care home residents and their family members are welcomed to make use of this listening service – be they of a particular faith or none.  Also, it is important to stress that this service will offer an understanding and empathic listening service; there will be no advice or counselling offered.

 All calls will be held in the strictest confidence; only very basic background details will be noted as a record of who is making use of this service, to inform future and ongoing offering of this service.

As the manager of this listening service, I am asking if you would be willing to help to get the word out to your residents and their families about this service, so that they may perhaps find a measure of comfort during this most difficult time. I have attached a flyer that can be printed-off and posted/made available to your residents and their families. I am happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have, as well as your suggestions as to additional ways we can let care home residents and families (at present only within Edinburgh and Glasgow) to make use of our service.

Many thanks for reading this letter.  We hope that this service affords a measure of support for all involved. Please feel free to contact me at any time; I will phone you in the few days to follow-up on this.

Thank you and best wishes,

Dr Claire Garabedian

Project Manager – Time to Talk

ClaireA[email protected]

07519 418451