The Scottish Sensory Awards




The Scottish Sensory Awards recognise the work of people in the field of sensory impairment, much of which take place in care settings and are unrecognised.

The awards ceremony will be held on Wednesday 15 February 2017 at the Stirling Court Hotel in Stirling.

Following the great success of the 2016 Scottish Sensory Awards the Scottish Council on Deafness (SCoD), and the Scottish Council on Visual Impairment (SCOVI), as the umbrella organisations for hearing and sight loss in Scotland, have taken on the responsibility for the organisation of the 2017 awards.

The Scottish Sensory Awards were created last year to showcase good practice, promote the rights of people living with sensory impairment in Scotland, and recognise the range of work with deaf, deafblind and visually impaired people undertaken across the statutory, third and independent sector services.

This year there will be six categories including one particularly in relation to children & young people.

The Categories are:

1. Promoting choice, control and person centred approaches for people with a sensory loss

2. Personal and workforce development

3. Promoting inclusion and engaging people with a sensory loss across all our communities and services

4. Unsung heroes

5. Innovative work with children and young people with a sensory loss

6. Partnership working across services and sectors for people with sensory loss

Nomination forms, available heremust be returned by Tuesday 10 January 2017, with nominees  contacted that week to confirm whether they have been shortlisted.

Details of the nomination process and details of the awards venue can be found at



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