The Listen Project: a BBC & British Library project which connects people during Covid-19

The BBC and the British Library are looking for care home residents to take part in their latest project ‘The Listen Project’. Please see below for more information:

Would you like to record a conversation that matters whilst we all hunker down – with someone you love or care about? BBC Radio and the British Library would like to capture this strange time in our lives through the conversations we are having with each other. We look after the tech, you just decide who you would like to speak with and about what. 

Maybe it’s a chance to have that conversation about your shared experiences, the one that normal life simply doesn’t make time for.

We want to hear about the emotional connections that people are missing – or even the space that isolation gives you to reflect on the bigger issues of life, friendship, health, safer times. 

If you are interested in taking part in this project please contact Caitlin Smith at [email protected].