Test & Protect – Protect Scotland App Launch

The free Protect Scotland App from NHS Scotland’s Test and Protect is now available to download on protect.scot and via the App Store and Google Play

The free Protect Scotland App is here to help keep Scotland safe from coronavirus.  The app is the next step in stopping the spread of coronavirus and complements existing contact tracing measures, helping us to determine contacts that we may have otherwise missed, and allows us to alert people at risk far more quickly so they can steps to reduce the risk of infecting others. 

How the App Works

This app uses tried and tested technology developed by Apple and Google and is already working successfully in other countries across Europe. It works in the background using minimal data and will automatically alert you if you have been in close contact with another app user who has tested positive. And if you test positive, the app can quickly alert those you have had close contact with. The app uses Bluetooth technology, so it never knows your identity or location.

Campaign Information

The Protect Scotland App launch will be supported by a 4 week campaign across TV, radio, press, social media, digital, PR and partnerships activity. The  campaign will direct to the new protect.scot website, where you can learn more on how the app works, information on privacy and data and FAQs.

Ø  View the TV Ad Here

Ø  View the Explainer Video Here

Campaign Assets

Available campaign resources will include: Posters, social media, editorial copy, app screen shots and explainer videos.

How to Help

Please post on social media, discuss within your organisation and share the campaign information across your networks. As we see the rate of infection increase it’s important that we all download and use the Protect Scotland app. The more of us using the app, the better it will work. 

Stakeholder Toolkit

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