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CORE PROGRAMME: Digital Approaches in Care Homes 

The Digital Approaches in Care Homes project was launched in December 2020 and aims to guide, inform and co-ordinate support for care homes to maximise the benefits of implementing the use of digital technology.

The programme’s three pillars of delivery are: 

Digital Foundations 

  • There is superfast broadband connectivity, or the equivalent, into and within all areas of the care home. 
  • Devices and technical support are available for all residents to support their health and wellbeing and for staff to provide quality care to support the needs of individuals 
  • Relevant data about care home residents and services is collected, held and shared digitally; data and systems are secure; and reporting requirements are standardised. 

Digital Services 

  • A range of digital services to support the health, wellbeing and independence of residents are available. 
  • Residents are supported to choose how and when to use these. 
  • New services are designed with residents, their families and staff. 

Digital Leadership & Skills 

  • Sector leaders support adoption of digital solutions and building capabilities. 
  • Staff have digital skills to provide the care and support needed by residents. 
  • Residents have the skills and confidence to benefit from the digital services that are available.