Tailored Response Service for Evidence-Informed Decision-Making


Tailored Response Service for Evidence-Informed Decision-Making


NHS Scotland are inviting social care workers to use their new tailored response service to support evidence-informed decision-making.  Access to this service is free and requires no password.

Send us your enquiry today by emailing  [email protected] or go to www.knowledge.scot.nhs.uk/nesss


Aims of the service

The Networked Evidence Search and Summary Service (NESSS) is supported by the Office of the Chief Social Work Adviser as a way to improve use of evidence across the social services sector. The service provides a tailored response service to answer questions so that social services staff can take evidence-informed decisions and actions to deliver best quality care and support.


NESSS welcome your questions about frontline practice, workforce development, business development and service delivery. In response NESSS will find the latest high quality evidence from research, practice examples and improvement reports. Services users will have access to summaries of this evidence in a format that helps to make timely and informed decisions.


Examples of questions for the Evidence Search and Summary Service include:


Service delivery and improvement

  1. What evidence is available to inform development of workforce and workload planning tools for qualified social workers?
  2. What evidence is available to support changes to the guided self-assessment tool for Self-Directed Support?
  3. What innovative and different models of care at home and support services are available throughout the UK and in Scotland in particular?


Children and families

  1. What evidence is available to inform decisions about sibling permanence – to keep siblings together or separated?
  2. How effective are social work interventions for children in parental substance misuse?



  1. What evidence is available for effective social work intervention with adults who are neglecting themselves?
  2. What does the evidence say about effectiveness of home share for people with dementia?



NESSS provide a range of products. You can choose from:

  • an evidence search – a list of key resources (timeframe – maximum 5 working days)
  • an evidence summary – a brief outline of key findings and conclusions from the evidence sources identified. (timeframe – minimum 5 working days)
  • an evidence review – a substantial theming and analytical summary of available evidence (timeframe – minimum 3 weeks)


Would you like to become a demonstrator site?

All social services staff are welcome to use the evidence search and summary service. In addition NESSS would like to identify a few organisations in the third and independent sectors that may be interested to be a demonstrator site. NESSS will work closely with these demonstrators to try to help spread the culture of using evidence across their staff and to support them in identifying and applying evidence to support an agreed organisational priority.  If you would like to discuss becoming a demonstrator site, please contact [email protected] in the first instance.





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