Survey of podiatry provision in care homes

Please see below details from a group of researchers who are looking into podiatry in a care home setting. They are requesting input from Scottish Care members to their short survey, which you will find the link to at the foot of this post.

Researchers from the Universities of Dundee and Newcastle are interested in finding out the level of service provision for podiatry in care homes. The level of podiatry provision varies between the different areas of Scotland a great deal and we are interested in capturing the level of podiatry input currently received by care homes across Scotland.

As far as we know, no one has ever asked care homes what sort of podiatry input they get, and to what extent provision comes from the NHS or the private sector. In the long term, it is hoped that the survey will inform future research that our team here at the University of Dundee plan undertake in care homes around the role of podiatry in falls prevention. The survey is very short with only 6 questions, and will take less than one minute to complete. Thank you.


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