Support for EU citizens applying to the EU Settlement Scheme

The UK voted to leave the EU in June 2016 and this will have an effect on the immigration status of approximately 3.5 million EU citizens* that live in the UK. Since leaving the EU in January 2020 we have been in a transition period which runs until 31st December 2020 and EU citizens and their non-EU family members must apply under the UK Government’s EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) before 30th June 2021 if they wish to live and work in the UK.

From 1st July 2021 all EU citizens must be able to show that they have either Settled Status or Pre-Settled Status to prove that they have a right to remain and continue working in the UK.

The care sector in Scotland employs large numbers of EU citizens and our service, which is free, confidential and impartial, recognises that some of the most vulnerable people on our communities rely on their carers, whether in the community or in care homes,  to provide them with the support that they need.

The Citizens Advice network in Scotland provides a national service called the EU Citizens Support Service (EUCSS) and we have a team of specialist advisers working across the country and taking calls on our national telephone helpline to provide information and support to people with their application to the EUSS.  We also have a solicitor-led service to support complex cases.  The national helpline number is 0800 916 9847.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact our national co-ordinator at [email protected]

* ‘EU citizens’ includes citizens of the EU member states, as well as citizens of the EEA states (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), and citizens of Switzerland

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