Study – Effects of EU Exit and the Contribution of EU workers to the Scottish Social Services Workforce

The Scottish Government has commissioned Ipsos MORI, the independent research company, to carry out an update to a 2018 report on the contribution of EU workers in the Scottish Social Services sector.

This work will explore the current role and contribution of workers from EU countries in key parts of the social care sector, as well as the extent to which the departure from the EU has affected the service managers’ ability to address existing workforce pressures.

The information obtained will enhance the Scottish Government’s understanding of the challenges which Scotland’s social care sector is facing post EU Exit and will support Scottish Government, Local Authorities and service providers in other sectors, in developing appropriate responses.

Fieldwork will run until the 18th of March. Your views are needed.

Providers should have been sent an invite already. If not, please ask them to email the team at [email protected] and they will add you to the reminder mailouts.

When getting in touch, please let Ipsos MORI know your email address, the type of service you provide and the name of your organisation.