Statement: Scottish Care welcomes changes to UK Migration System

Statement on Changes to the UK Migration System

Scottish Care welcomes the announcement from the Home Office that care workers will be added to the Shortage Occupation List.


We are pleased to note that the Migration Advisory Committee’s recent recommendation has been heard by the Home Secretary and implemented.

Our CEO Dr Donald Macaskill commented:

“This is positive and good news for the care sector in Scotland. Throughout 2021 and before Scottish Care alongside the Scottish Government and others has highlighted the real damage which has occurred following the Brexit decision and the implementation of new immigration processes at the start of 2021.

We are pleased that our overtures and meetings with the Migration Advisory Committee have helped others to appreciate the distinctive needs of social care and of Scotland in particular.

Whilst this falls far short of the open free system which the majority in Scotland desire and voted for, we call upon the Home Office to work with providers to make this work.

Our research has shown the significant costs of using the new scheme especially for small businesses of the type that make up Scotland’s social care sector. We need practical and financial support to address these costs and make the scheme viable.”


Our CEO wrote a thought piece for Migration Day last Saturday (18th) which reflects on the benefits gained from an international workforce.  The hospitality of welcome: the benefits of migration. – Scottish Care




24th December 2021



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