Social Care Workforce Open Space Event – 27 April

How can social care staff play a central role in the sector’s recovery post Covid-19?

It is an uncertain time for everyone in Social Care. Alongside ongoing efforts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, there are systemic problems that have been driven by lack of priority, resource and funding for the sector.  Social care staff have given their all in responding to the pandemic where work and life balance has become harder to separate.  For some, the very idea of returning to the life they had before lockdown feels impossible.

We want to hear what social care means to you and how, working together, we can achieve recovery from the pandemic and for the sector as a whole. We have some big questions that we would like to explore. For example:

  • What are the main challenges with social care, working in your particular care setting?
  • How can we harness the voice of the social care workforce to make sure that is heard and listened to by those creating and supporting social care policy?
  • What kind of infrastructure do we need in order to support the growth and re-growth of social care — during and after this crisis?

But what are your questions? Your ideas? Your thoughts?

This event, organised by Scottish Care, in partnership with Abbotsford Care will bring together people working and learning in social care and key social care stakeholders.

The event will be facilitated by Improbable, a theatre company who specialise in using a process called Open Space Technology (OST). OST is a simple way for groups of people to think, work and take action together around a shared concern. There is no pre-set agenda, and you decide what is important and what gets worked on. This event will be held in person, allowing you to input into several different conversations in a single session.

These events are free and open to all. The more voices we have in the room, the more ideas we can bring together. All you need to do is register your place and we will send you details about how to participate closer to the time.  The event will be a relaxed environment.

The conversations will be in English. If you require any access support (including captioning or BSL interpretation), please let us know in advance.

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