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Scottish Care is responsible for producing evidence, reports and support for Human Rights within social care.

Scottish Care produced the Convention on The Rights of Residents in Care Homes for Adults and Older People as well as the Convention on The Rights of Adults and Older People Receiving Care at Home or Housing Support.


We developed both of these Conventions together with the people whose rights they are designed to protect and promote. We have their assurance that the articles collectively express the basic and minimum rights that individuals should expect to achieve.

For us at Scottish Care, this means that, if resourced, supported and embedded these Conventions can go a long way to improving the quality of life for adults and older people receiving care services.

Who can sign up?

In terms of who can endorse the Convention- everyone and anyone who works in health and social care can sign up.

In doing so, you are not only accepting the terms of the Convention but committing, as much as you can, to embed them in practice. You are showing your support for care that protects and promotes human rights. This means care that guarantees dignity and worth; that promotes autonomy, equality and participation and assures freedom from discrimination.

There’s no regulation behind it- and that is where these differ from the new National Care Standards. We see these Conventions as complimentary to the current national agenda and a way to help shape practice towards a human rights based approach.

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If you are operating in a Care Home setting please click here.

If you are delivering Care at Home or Housing Support services please click here.

What happens after I sign up?

After signing up, your name will be displayed by Scottish Care on our website as one of our partners who have committed to providing care which respects and promotes human rights. If you provide an email address, you will also be sent a certificate electronically which you can print and display proudly.


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