Shared Stakes by Ken Cockburn

Poem by the wonderful Ken Cockburn to sum up the themes, ideas and feelings from the recent National Annual Care Home Convention and Exhibition Friday 18th November at the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow.

Shared Stakes by Ken Cockburn    

We’re trying to do things differently this year

It’s always good to ponder what we mean

A shared stake in the success of care

It needs to be done correctly every day

We’re not perfect, I wouldn’t pretend we are

But are we really as good as we think we are?

We all know what the problems are by now

Struggling with constant distractions and urgent tasks

All the uncertainty that goes with that

We know new models are developing

With everyone in the room we’d work this out

Professional loneliness we should avoid

Everyone’s a house with four rooms

They will give us their own perspective on things

I’ve enjoyed my life, apart from this carry on

She gets back to sleep again, he doesn’t

Again a very tangible example

To give that physiotherapy student a glimpse

Doing good things in difficult circumstances

Being able to have the language at those times

Seeing the delight on people’s faces

My grandchildren – thinking about them laugh

Being by the sea and listening to it

This is the kind of thing I’d like to highlight

How do we capture that and then move forward?

Assistance from afar but when you need it

Being hands on, being there for someone

We need to get about it as it’s pressing

Something we need to do across the board

It’s so important that we have that voice

Just some examples that I’ve whistled through

Please do not underestimate what you do

I hope you enjoy the rest of your afternoon.

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