Seasonal Flu Campaign launches today – 8 October

Seasonal Flu Campaign Stakeholder Toolkit

The Flu is Serious Stakeholder Toolkit below outlines the overarching campaign, and contains campaign materials by eligibility group.

Due to the different ways in which the flu immunisation programme will be delivered this year and the increase in those that are eligible for the free vaccination we wanted to give you all the relevant information to help encourage uptake. The stakeholder toolkit contains assets by eligibility group, so please refer to this for further information.

The new health and social care worker myth busting video asset can be viewed here.

TV ad can be viewed here:

Purpose of the campaign

  • To highlight the seriousness of flu, especially with Covid-19 around and importance of getting vaccinated, as well as educate new eligible audiences including social care workers, household contacts of those that were shielding, and from December 55-64 year olds will also be eligible.

Key Messages:

  • Flu is serious: If you are offered the vaccine, please get it.
  • Protect yourself: Every year in Scotland, thousands of people are hospitalised with flu. It can be serious and life threatening, so getting vaccinated is the safest and most effective way to protect yourself.
  • Protect others: Reduce your risk of getting flu and spreading it to others, especially those who are most at risk.
  • Protect our NHS: Help our NHS avoid the pressure that a spike in seasonal flu would put on top of Covid-19.

Call to action:

  • For more information on eligibility and information on how to book an appointment we are asking the public to visit or call 0800 22 44 88.

Please do share, and remember if you are offered the flu vaccine, please get it!