Scottish Government Communications & Guidance Feedback

Huge thanks to everyone who attended the care home surgery on Tuesday 8 March 2022, we hope you found the session useful.

During this session, we had colleagues from Scottish Government, Kim Horner and Jen Dillon, on to get feedback from members on their guidance and communication. Please see below for the slides used in the session.

If you have any further feedback on guidance/communications to be provided, please contact Kim on [email protected] or Jen on [email protected]. This conversation is not a one-off and they are keen to stock-take on any changes made through feedback received, and continue to hear the voice of not just providers, but also managers and staff. They would be grateful for any further feedback from providers on what changes needed to make now in terms of communications/guidance and going forward, how to monitor this – workshops, bespoke event, short life working group etc.