Scottish Care’s statement on insurance concerns

Scottish Care has recently held talks with the insurance sector as a result of concerns being raised by our members. These primarily relate to a reduction in the number of companies willing to provide public and employee liability insurance for the care home sector.

We appreciate that the insurance sector has been affected by Covid-19 and has suffered a negative financial impact, but we hope that this will not result in exorbitant price rises for the social care sector in Scotland.

We have become aware that there are a number of insurers who are not willing to take on new clients which is making it very challenging for our members to shop around and get the best deal for their organisations.

We continue to monitor the situation closely because we are very concerned that there are very real risks to the survival and sustainability of the care sector.

CEO Dr Donald Macaskill said:

“It is very important in these challenging and hard times during the pandemic that the insurance sector supports care homes as they have traditionally always done. Care providers need to provide assurance to both residents and staff that they are adequately protected by insurance and I hope that the insurance sector will work closely with ourselves and care homes to get the real picture of what life is like. Yes there have been really challenging times but our journey back to what is closer to normal will not be helped if the insurance sector pulls the rug from underneath the care sector.”

Last Updated on 16th September 2020 by Shanice