Getting involved – Scottish Care’s Ethical Commissioning and Procurement Project

Scottish Care is delighted to launch its consultation for our ‘Ethical Commissioning and Procurement’ project.

Your insights will assist our reporting to the Scottish Government, as part of the design and implementation of commissioning procedures under a National Care Service. We aim to identify areas for improvement and develop a framework for ethical commissioning that truly meets the needs of the independent sector.

We want to hear of your experiences applying for commissioned services, in particular:

      • The outcomes used by commissioning agencies in your locality, and their relevance to the care delivered by your service.
      • The commissioning process: its duration, ease, and the official mechanisms you have to engage in dialogue with commissioning agencies.
      • The details of the most recent terms of conditions offered to your service to deliver packages of care.
      • The key stakeholders within HSCP’s and other commissioning agencies, that you require strong relationships with to secure the best arrangements for your service.

Throughout the next two months, you can get involved in consultation through these options:

    • Our Workshops

Tickets are now available for the first two workshops of our three-part series entitled ‘Ethical Commissioning for the Independent Sector: Rights, Respect & Redistribution’. Join us to learn from, and share your experiences with, expert stakeholders involved in the commissioning of care services across Scotland.

Our first session in Aberdeen is on the 11th of March, exploring the best practice of commissioning right-based care with a focus on involving people with lived experience and delivering person-led care.

Our second session in Edinburgh is on the 19th of April, exploring the practice of achieving the cultural change required to commission co-produced social care, with a specific focus on fair working practices and innovation.

Complimentary spaces for both events are available through Eventbrite, please follow the link for further details.

    • Our questionnaires

Members can access questionnaires via the following link. There will be further additions to these as our consultation progresses, and we will keep you updated of these changes.

    • Our drop in sessions

I will be live on Teams during the following times, feel free to drop in via the provided links to provide any feedback:

We thank members in advance for their invaluable contributions, as we work to ensure the insights of the independent sector are included with any national commissioning procedures introduced through the NCS.

Should you wish to provide any feedback directly and discuss anything in further detail, please feel free to get in contact to arrange a meeting through [email protected] or 0739 850 3895.

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