Scottish Care speaks out on new immigration plans

Scottish Care is extremely disappointed with the publication of the UK Government’s immigration plans. Whilst there are merits in the Australian Points based system the Government has failed to utilise the flexibility and regionalism options to the benefit of social care and Scotland.

Scottish Care has consistently highlighted the demographic challenge of an ageing population and workforce which Scotland faces.The care sector is dependent upon the tremendous skills and contribution of our migrant workforce. Faced with already critical shortages we need an immigration system which works. These proposals do little to address our significant concerns.

Dr Donald Macaskill CEO commented:

“Yet again we have a set of proposals which treat the critical role of frontline care as unskilled. This is offensive and these proposals are damaging. To presume anyone can simply do the job of compassionate and dignified care is deluded.”

“The salary thresholds, the language and qualification requirements are wholly unrealistic and simply don’t speak to the reality of social care.”

“These proposals have been developed by those who have failed to listen to the concerns of employers. They are likely to result in significant damage to the care sector in Scotland unless they are changed.”

“Instead of a progressive immigration policy which is aimed at enhancing the economic s and social well-being of our country we have presented here a system which will do irreparable damage and will impact on the lives of thousands of ordinary Scots who will see the loss and diminution of critical care services.”

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