Scottish Care has launched two new reports on nursing at our National Care Home Conference 2016




Scottish Care launches reports on care home nursing

Scottish Care has launched two new reports on nursing at our National Care Home Conference 2016

Today (18 November 2016), Scottish Care has published two new reports on the picture of nursing in the independent social care sector.  Both reports were launched by CEO Dr Donald Macaskill at Scottish Care’s annual Care Home Conference 2016, in Glasgow.

The reports, entitled Voices from the Nursing Front Line and Independent Sector Nursing Data 2016, depict both the highlights and challenges of nursing in care homes in Scotland and illustrate the nurse recruitment and retention crisis currently being faced.

Speaking ahead of the reports’ launch, Dr Macaskill said:

“We’re facing an immediate challenge in relation to the shortage of nurses working in our care homes.  In the medium term, we need to attract more people to work in the social care sector and articulate the many benefits of doing so.  However, short term measures are also needed, and require us to work with Scottish Government and other partners, including colleges, universities and health and social care partnerships to find solutions to this challenge.

“We need to work with a range of people and organisations to make social care an attractive career path, and also to make sure they understand how brilliant our care homes can be to live and work in”

Independent Sector Nursing Data 2016 is based on survey data from 50 care organisations, representing 269 individual services and approximately 2,500 nurses from the sector.  It provides some headline facts and figures about the sector in relation to the recruitment and retention of nurses.

Voices from the Nursing Front Line is based on interviews with 28 nurses working in the independent sector, and shares their joys, frustrations and aspirations in their roles through their own voices.  It sets out 10 recommendations which Scottish Care hopes to progress in partnership with other organisations.

Both reports can be accessed here:

Voices from the Nursing Front Line 

Independent Sector Nursing Data 2016


The reports will be discussed in further detail at a Nursing Seminar, hosted by Scottish Care and taking place on 6 December 2016 in Edinburgh.

More information can be found on the Events section of the website or by contacting [email protected]

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