Scottish Care issues statement on Social Care and the UK Budget

Scottish Care response to Budget debate on social care in Scotland.

Scottish Care as the national representative body of older people care home and care at home providers notes with interest the substantial allocation of resource which is to be made available to the social care sector in England following the Chancellor’s announcements in the Spring Budget Statement.

In Scotland we face similar challenges within social care. The sustainability of both care homes and care at home services is today under increasing threat and challenge. Running costs for most organisations have increased significantly in the last few months. People are living longer, demand for social care is increasing all the time and the needs of those going into care are becoming greater.

Whilst recognising the investment in social care provision over the last two years we are calling upon the Scottish Government to make clear how it proposes to invest its share of the Barnett Formula allocation to support a sustainable and viable social care sector in Scotland. Together with the Government we want to work to ensure that the provision of care is sufficiently funded to ensure the rights and dignity of our older citizens are upheld. The adequate funding of social care is not a luxury but a fundamental component of what creates a just and fair Scotland.



Last Updated on 13th March 2017 by Scottish Care

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