News release: Scottish Care expresses concerns over anti Covid-19 vaccine campaign

Scottish Care is deeply concerned that there appears to be a concerted campaign to convince care home managers and staff not to receive the Covid-19 vaccination.

Over the last two days the majority of care homes in Scotland have received unsolicited mail from a campaign group which variously has denied the validity of the vaccines and indeed the existence and prevalence of Coronavirus itself. In addition, there has clearly been a targeted campaign on social media to create uncertainty and fear amongst social care staff.

As an organisation we will continue to advocate that all residents and frontline nursing and care staff should receive the vaccine. Being vaccinated not only protects the most vulnerable and fellow colleagues but also protects the individual.

CEO, Dr Donald Macaskill said:

 “I am appalled that care home managers and staff are being targeted by anti-vaccination groups. To be at the receiving end of such a coordinated campaign at a time when many homes are struggling with live Covid-19 outbreaks is wholly despicable.

We all want an end to the helplessness we have been feeling in care homes. We all want to see families reconnected with residents. We all want a restoration of normality. Vaccination is the hope which offers us the potential of achieving all this and anything that insidiously tries to spread mis-information and falsehood, to create fear and anxiety prevents us all from the protection we need to provide for our residents and staff.”

The BBC has published a FAQ on the Covid-19 vaccine that may be useful to members and providers, this can be read here.

Last Updated on 15th January 2021 by Shanice