Scottish Care comments on the Scottish Parliament Report on Gender Pay Gap

Having taken evidence since March this year, the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee at the Scottish Parliament has now published its report on the Gender Pay Gap, ‘No Small Change: The Economic Impact of Closing the Gender Pay Gap.”

Scottish Care was asked to contribute evidence to MSPs sitting on the Holyrood Committee and did so earlier this year.

To view the report, please visit the Scottish Parliament’s website 

It is expected that the Scottish Government will provide a response to this report by the end of the summer.

Following the publication of the Report Scottish Care’s CEO, Dr Donald Macaskill commented:

“Having highlighted to the Committee the issue of gender segregation within the care sector we are particularly pleased to see their report calling for priority to be given to the care sector in Scotland. Scotland’s paid carers play a major part in the Scottish economy and their particular needs require to be recognised and prioritised. We commend the report in its analysis of the role that the social care workforce make to the wider economy and call upon Ministers to respond positively to their call for increased reward and recognition of this workforce. Tackling the gender pay gap in Scotland means tackling the issue of a poorly recognised and valued, female dominated care workforce.”

Last Updated on 26th June 2017 by Scottish Care

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