Scottish Care comment on Care Home Provision Research

Analysis on care home provision and planning recently published by professional services firm JLL has been widely covered in the Scottish media. To read the organisation’s news release please see the following:

Scottish Care has been asked to comment on this analysis and has provided the below statement to media.


Scottish Care CEO Dr Donald Macaskill said:

“Scottish Care appreciates that as more and more individuals are living longer, we need to ensure that there are a sufficient range of services which will enable people to have real choice in their care.

“Even though more people are living in their own homes later into life, we recognise that there will always be a need for high quality residential and nursing home provision. This research shows that we not only require the existing volume of care beds but a substantial increase in beds over the next ten years. The investment to achieve this will not come about unless there is an equal substantial increase in what we are prepared at a national and local level to pay for care with dignity.

“At present, we do not have a significant shortage of care home places in Scotland but with a staffing crisis matched by insufficient funding, the risk of not having places for people to go when they leave hospital is a real one.

“Scottish Care is seeing an increase in the number of care homes having to close because they are no longer financially viable with rising staff and operational costs. Whether charitable or private, care homes cannot continue to deliver quality care on the rates currently offered by the public purse.”

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