Scottish Care CEO Dr Donald Macaskill at Scottish Parliament




Scottish Care CEO Dr Donald Macaskill joined a panel of the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee at the Scottish Parliament this morning to discuss the economic impact of leaving the European Union and the impact on the care sector in Scotland.

You can watch a recorded video stream here from the panel:

Dr Macaskill speaks (from 0:51:01) on the both potential economic impact of Brexit as well as the value of nursing and care talent and expertise from the European Union and beyond.

Responding to discussion on potential effects of Brexit on the nursing workforce Dr Macaskill said : “We need to attract as wide a pool of talent as possible to the sector. That pool is enriched by the talent and expertise of those from out-with Scotland, not just from Europe but from further afield.”

Dr Macaskill also said: ” We need to create an economy of care which values the contribution of its workers.”




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