Rights Made Real – Take part in human rights workshops

An open invitation is being extended to care home managers/ deputy managers across Scotland to participate in a series of online workshops focused on exploring and enhancing everyday human rights practice in care homes.

These workshops will use a range of engaging approaches to generate space for the sharing of experiences & learning, whilst also offering participants opportunities to consider different or new perspectives on enhancing everyday human rights practice in care homes.

Examples of what workshops will involve include:

  • sharing of experiences of human rights during the pandemic
  • delving into stories from practice to draw out learning that may previously have been hidden
  • incorporating learning and resources developed by care homes involved in Rights Made Real Phase 1, and inviting people to try these out themselves
  • hearing about research which explored care home residents, relatives and staff different perspectives on human rights & trying out the resources developed from this research

What will involvement look like:

It is planned that there will be 5 workshops, run once monthly, beginning in Apr/May 2021.

Participants have the option of: signing up for all 5 or initially signing up for the first two and then deciding if they are able to continue with all 5.

There will also be an opportunity to participate in Action Learning*,  which will run alongside the workshops.

*Action Learning is a structured group process, where people come together to explore everyday situations, and are supported through attentive listening and curious questions, to gain fresh perspectives and learning to bring back to their practice.

Workshop Facilitators:

Belinda Dewar, Edel Roddy and Caroline Green.

All three facilitators have previously been involved in facilitating My Home Life programmes with the care home sector in Scotland and/or Germany, and have collaborated together on developing resources which support conversations on human rights in care homes.

Expressions of Interest:

If you would like to express interest in participating in the workshops, or would like to speak with one of the facilitators please complete the contact form on this webpage.

Expression of Interest Form

RMR Phase 2 Interest Form

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