Rights Made Real in Care Homes: find out more about this exciting project

Scottish Care is thrilled to introduce this innovative human rights project, 'Rights Made Real in Care Homes', which has been kindly funded by Life Changes Trust, working in partnership with the University of the West of Scotland and care home providers throughout Scotland.

Working in seven care home groups, the aim is to make human rights a reality for those living with dementia in a care home.

Through our new dedicated web pages, we will be posting human rights reflections and a blog on a bi-monthly basis from our Policy and Human Rights Project worker, Verity Monaghan.  We will also share useful human rights information and resources to help you to make rights real in your own work.

We look forward to keeping you up to date on their journey and engaging with you around how we can spread and share the human rights learning to more care services.

You can also follow the care homes' journey on Twitter: @rightsrealscot 

Let’s talk human rights.

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