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Scottish Care recognise that technology has an increasingly important role to play in all our lives. In social care, technology is being used to enable individuals to maintain their independence for as long as possible, to support staff more effectively in their work, and to ensure that individuals remain in control of their supports for as long as possible.

For the past two years, we have been hosting an annual event dedicated to technology and its use in the care and support of older people. This unique event brings together over 150 people including designers and developers alongside those using and working in social care services. Participants are able to hear about cutting edge innovation, contribute their own ideas and have an opportunity to consider what technology might mean for them in their home or workplace. This event also explores some of the most creative technologies now available and some which are currently under development.

Tech Rights Report

The first event ‘Tech Care, Care Tech’ saw the launch of ‘Tech Rights’, a report on the issue of human rights and ethics as they relate to the use of technology in older person’s care in Scotland. Written by Scottish Care CEO Dr Donald Macaskill, ‘Tech Rights’, addresses some of the challenges which the increased use of technology including ‘care-bots’, and ‘sensor devices’ are now posing for developers and older people.

The report contains a number of recommendations, including:

-that the Scottish Government should fund and support the creation a human-rights based Ethical Charter for Technology and Digital in Scotland;

-that we should establish a Scottish Centre for Human Rights and Ethics in Technology;

-that we should develop a national awareness and information strategy around the positive use of technology for social care and

-that we should develop and resource the social care workforce to enable today’s workforce to be innovators and co- designers.

Human Rights Charter for Technology & Digital in Social Care

A ‘Human Rights Charter for Technology and Digital in Social Care’ was launched at our  2nd technology event ‘Care Tech 2′. The Charter has been developed with a range of designers, providers and people who work and use social care services over the last year. It grew out of the previous report ‘Tech Rights’.

The Charter for Technology presents a number of statements which seek to place the development and use of technology and digital within a human rights and ethical perspective. It is the first of its kind to be developed anywhere and Scottish Care hopes it will continue and contribute to the wider debate on critical issues such as privacy, individual choice and control, and the importance of human contact.

A guidance document has also been produced, briefly discussing each principle individually and suggesting how they can be used to support the human rights of individuals and communities in the use of technology and digital in social care.

It is our hope that any readers, whether from organisations, members and individuals will want to sign up to the Charter, you can do so below.

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