Human Rights Resources


Here are some links to information and resources related human rights which will hopefully be of use if you want to find out more about how to make rights real in your care service.


Training Resources

Care About Rights – for a better understanding of a human rights based approach to care


Human Rights Campaigns & Initiatives

John’s Campaign – promoting the rights of people to stay with people that have dementia – @JohnCampaign

Rights for Residents – @rightsforresid2


Scottish Care Blogs & Publications

The Need for a Human Rights Inquiry

Autonomy & Choice

Balancing the Scales – Covid 19 Discrimination

The Pain of Isolation

The Human Right to Social Care

Organisations and information sources


United Nations: European:

International NGOS (non governmental organisations)

Centre for Economic and Social Rights (CESR):


Equalities and Human Rights Commission: British Institute of Human Rights: RightsInfo:


Scottish Human Rights Commission: SHRC: 2018 audience research: SHRC: Getting it Right? SHRC: Human rights in health and social care in Scotland: Scotland’s National Action Plan for Human Rights: Scotland Declaration on Human Rights: Human Rights Consortium Scotland:

About human rights

What are human rights

PANEL Principles

Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Right to Health

UN Right to Health Toolkit

Human rights tools

EQHRIA (Equality and Human Rights Impact Assessments) Care About Rights EHRC Measurement Framework WHO Quality Rights Tool Kit (UNCRPD and mental health)

Equalities and protected characteristics

EHRC Scottish Government Equalities Evidence Finder