Rights Made Real – Resident led activities and creative approaches

Resident led activities

Two of the projects are focusing on resident led activities, however all the care homes are involved in providing activities that the residents enjoy and find meaningful in their lives. Activities don’t have to be all singing all dancing, activities ca meaningful care, experiences and spending time with a resident doing things they enjoy, no matter how small.

Creative approaches are needed

Staff in one project noticed that boards weren’t being used to their full potential, so the activities coordinators created photo frames using coloured paper and placed photos of residents participating in activities at eye level throughout the home to remind residents of activities they have previously taken part in. This has been a great conversation starter and it has also encouraged people to walk around the home to look at the photos. With one resident commenting “Is that me? Is that really me?”

Families and visitors also enjoy looking at the photos too and it keeps them up to date on what has been going on for those that do not attend a residents meeting.

Be included - “I am included in wider decisions about the way the service is provided, and my suggestions, feedback and concerns are considered.

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